Benefits Of Grapes: 5 Fun Ways To Add Grapes To Your Meal



We love gorging on those sweet and juicy grapes. Don’t we? Available year round, grapes are a must-have in the fruit basket at every household. They are found in different colours – the most popular ones being green, black and red. You can enjoy grapes as is or add it to your cereal bowl for a wholesome breakfast. These fruity bulbs also make for a popular and healthy snack item for those mid-meal hunger pangs. Moreover, grapes are extensively used to prepare wine, jam, juice, vinegar, grape seed oil and more. What adds to its popularity is the rich nutrient-profile. Grapes are credited for being a storehouse of antioxidants, vitamin C, potassium and more. In fact, it contains almost every essential nutrient that our body needs and is often deemed to be a superfood.



Health Benefits Of Grapes:

An excellent source of potassium, calcium and vitamin A and D, grapes are often touted to be great for boosting healthy bones, strengthening immunity and preventing certain cancer risks. The potassium content in grapes may also help control blood pressure level and maintain the water balance in our body.

An earlier study by Texas Woman’s University further found that owing to its high level of antioxidants, daily intake of grapes may help lower from knee pain, especially the ones triggered due to symptomatic osteoarthritis.

Considering these factors, we say, we must include a handful of grapes in our daily diet for overall benefit. But having it as is from the bunch can be boring and monotonous at times. Hence, we found some ideas that can make these juicy delights interesting for us.



5 Fun Ways To Include Grapes In Our Diet:

1. Grape Juice:

Juicing a fruit is the best alternative for including fruits in our diet. You can consider cold pressing sweet and juicy grapes and enjoy a glassful of fresh grape juice in the morning.

2. Smoothies and Cereal Bowls:

Owing to its crunchy texture, grapes work as a great garnishing element in different recipes. You may throw in some grapes to your morning cereal or smoothie bowls and enjoy some extra crunch in your meal.

3. Salad and Soup:

Have you ever tried grapes salad? Trust us, they offer a burst of flavours to our palate. The sweet and sour grapes, mixed with apple, pomegranate, and your favourite greens, make for a delicious meal anytime of the day. You actually add some grapes to your bowl of classic veg soup. This gives a sweet flavour to the bland and salty soup.

4. Raita:

You can also make raita with grapes. Slice the grape bulbs and throw in your dahi and garnish with black salt, black pepper powder and roasted jeera powder and enjoy.

5. Chutney:

Angoor ki khatti meethi chutney is probably one of the yummiest foods you can add by the side of your main meal. They surely offer a burst of flavours to our palate.

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