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Peanut butter for the most part was quite a westernised concept in the early 2000s. Indians consumed it but for the most part, the supply and demand for it was fairly meagre vis a vis quantity. You would find mostly imported brands in good grocery stores and that was mostly the extent of it. There was no go-to Indian brand per se and bread was mostly paired with jam or butter. And yes, we are referring to the small tubs of butter that you might now find if you are having breakfast on a train or domestic airplanes.


Travel to the present time, peanut butter has become one of the widely used spreads across the world and specifically here in India. It is a staple found in households and has a very distinct and rather wonderful taste though that depends on your thoughts about peanuts.

Peanuts do have somewhat a love and hate relationship with the public. If you have it for the first time, chances are either you’ll absolutely love it or just simply hate it and never want to have it again. Very rarely do people keep trying and acquire the taste for it.

The question comes, why though? Why have peanut butter? Or the question you are here for is, ‘why is peanut butter the perfect pre-workout snack for your workouts?’

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Why Peanut Butter could be an ideal pre-workout snack to fuel your workout:

Well, several reasons come to mind, but the most important one is the quantity of well-rounded macronutrients like protein, carbs and fats which are the ingredients we need for sustenance. For a pre-workout meal, the goal is to increase your blood sugar levels so that you are less likely to tire, have higher energy levels and perform effectively for longer durations of time.

So peanut butter may tick all the boxes. However, the main nutrient is the amount of carbohydrates. The high carbohydrate per serving helps in generating the glucose required to increase your blood sugar level and make the most of your workout. And yes, with the addition of the high protein and healthy fats, if consumed 30-45 mins before your workout, your body is still using the energy from that meal even after the workout, thus helping a little post your workout also.

The second aspect is the convenience factor, the ease with which you can get one from the market. Unsweetened original peanut butter, is the predominant choice for most using peanut butter as a pre-workout. A decent quality peanut butter is available at most stores with multiple flavours and variants catered to the consumer’s needs, plus they are pocket-friendly too. In other words, it’s a win-win situation wherein you can boost your health without burning hole in your pocket.

So, come tomorrow, if you are looking for the perfect trifecta of taste, utility and cost for your pre-workout needs, why not try a peanut butter instead?


About Author: Harman Virk is and international golf player and CEO of Oxie Nutrition.


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