Actress Akhee still at risk



Actress Sharmeen Akhee remains unchanged as she is still undergoing treatment in the intensive care unit (ICU).

On Friday, her physical condition deteriorated and doctors were worried about her situation. Although her condition has slightly improved from earlier, still risks remain.

Her condition is yet not stable enough to be taken out of the ICU. Rahat Kabir, Akhee’s husband, informed the media at the hospital.

Akhee’s breathing problem suddenly started yesterday morning. Heartbeat (pulse rate) decreased. Oxygen was then given on an emergency basis. Akhee was transferred to the ICU as her condition gradually worsened.

It’s really hard to predict the situation right now as it’s just 5 percent better than before. But the risk is still there. If her situation keeps on getting worse, she will have to stay at the hospital for about two to four days.

However, the good news is that she doesn’t need oxygen support for now. She is currently being dressed for her condition and is on sleeping pills to help her sleep.

Akhee was seriously injured in an explosion in the make-up room of a shooting location in Mirpur, on January 28.  Several parts of Akhee’s body, including her hands, legs, and hair were burnt in the explosion.

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