5 ways to keep hunger pangs in check

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ost of us are struggling, almost relentlessly, to lose weight. Sedentary lifestyle and unending consumption of junk food adds a few extra kilos, and makes people fall into the trap of losing that flab. While proper exercise and a rigid diet can help in the pursuit, there are a few other ways to keep your hunger pangs at bay and avoid gorging on unhealthy evening snacks.

Wondering how? Here are some easy ways to say bye bye to fried food and unhealthy munchies.

Drink coffee
Coffee has a myriad of benefits and while it does mess up with your sleep, drinking it can decrease your appetite. According to a report in Medical News Today, drinking coffee makes one feel less hungry and also gives a sense of fullness.

Eat dark chocolates
If you like dark chocolates, you will be happy to know that it helps in losing weight. The flavonoids and health-boosting nutrients also help in keeping cholesterol and blood pressure in check.

Include ginger in your diet
Ginger has several benefits and one of them is helping in shedding off the extra flab. According to a Step To Health report, ginger not only has anti-inflammatory properties but also helps in weight loss.

Eat whole eggs
While it was once feared that eating whole eggs might increase cholestrol, according to a report in Healthline, they are high in protein and can make one feel very full. It also has very less calories.

Eat cottage cheese
Cottage cheese has very little carbohydrates and is high in proteins. According to a report in Healthline, it is rich in calcium and thus, helps in the fat burning process.

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