‘Wednesday’ beats ‘Stranger Things’ to become most watched show in first week



Tim Burton’s “Wednesday” has broken the Netflix record for most viewed hours for an English-language series within a week. The supernatural series received a whopping 341.23 million hours of watch time within its first week, surpassing the previous record holders, “Stranger Things 4”.

“Wednesday” is currently trending at the number one spot in 83 countries and has been viewed in more than 50 million households. Previously, “Stranger Things 4” earned a viewership of 335 million hours in a single week—between May 30 and June 5

The Tim Burton directional stars Jenna Ortega, Gwendoline Christie, Luis Guzmán, and Catherine Zeta-Jones. The series follows the Addams family’s 16-year-old sardonic and unyielding, goth daughter as she enrolls in a new boarding school called Nevermore Academy—where she finds herself surrounded by enigmatic spirits and supernatural beings.

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