Vicky Kaushal, scared of watching horror films



Actor Vicky Kaushal has revealed that he is scared of watching horror films which eventually led him to opt for ‘Bhoot: The Haunted Ship’ as it became a great opportunity for him to explore the genre both as an actor and as audience. While speaking with ANI, the actor also thanked Dharma productions for taking the plunge of backing horror movies. “For Dharma productions to get linked with a horror film is a beautiful sign for mainstream production houses to bet on something, as people were scared to even explore it in the first place,” the actor said.

When asked about how he sees the film and what importance it holds, Vicky said, “We are in a beautiful bend, where new content is emerging, which is quite interesting as the audience is also seeking some new surprising content. When I read the script, I found it amazing and fresh, as it`s a pure horror film, there was no room for comedy, romance and erotica because at times in Bollywood there is a mix of genres in horror movies.”

“I personally liked the geography of the film as it is based on a haunted ship. It was a new direction for me as an actor but as an audience, I`m pretty scared to watch a horror movie. Therefore, I thought it would be a great opportunity to explore. Rest it’s for the audience to decide,” Vicky added.


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