This is not an item song: Bhabna on ‘Payel’ shooting


Adorned in a shimmering white and gold saree and glittering eyes, actress Ashna Habib Bhabna radiates beauty in her striking new look for the film “Payel”, directed by Raihan Khan. However, a recent misunderstanding led some to believe that she had appeared in an item song for the film, prompting Bhabna to set the record straight.


Bhabna posted a status on her Facebook account to clarify the matter, stating, “I have not appeared in any item song. I am doing a movie called ‘Payel’, directed by Raihan Khan. I will be portraying the character of Payel in this film. I danced to one of the songs in the movie. As a dancer, it is undoubtedly a pleasure for me to dance in any movie for the first time. I have never danced in any other movie before this, but it is not an item song. The shooting of our film is ongoing. Please pray for us to complete the work successfully.”

In “Payel” Bhabna takes on the role of a prostitute, and the song in question was filmed on a set designed to resemble a brothel. Actor Ziaul Roshan will share the screen with her in this film.

Currently, Bhabna is eagerly anticipating the release of “Japito Jibon” and “Dampara” as she continues to captivate audiences with her diverse range of performances.


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