Tarique took British citizenship: Shahriar

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State Minister for Foreign Affairs Shahriar Alam on Sunday once again said BNP acting Chairman Tarique Rahman took British citizenship.

“Tarique Rahman launched a company in the UK and became its director as a British citizen. The government has proved that he (Tarique) took British citizenship,” he said taking part in the general discussion on the proposed budget for 2018-19 fiscal year.

The state minister said the name of the new company is ‘White and Blue Consultants Limited’ and its registration number is 09665750. “And information about the new company is available in the website of Companies House of the UK government. The status of the company is active where Tarique Rahman is mentioned as a director. His nationality was first mentioned as British which was changed as ‘Bangladeshi’ after four months,” he said.

“So, we can assume that he perhaps holds dual citizenship. If anyone who has no Bangladeshi passport but has a British one and registers a company as a British citizen, we definitely can’t term him a Bangladeshi citizen,” Shahriar said.

During his recent visit to London, Shahriar Alam said Tarique Rahman surrendered his Bangladeshi citizenship.

“Challenging me, some BNP leaders asked me to produce documents in this regard. I was bound to accept their challenge,” he said.

“BNP served legal notice to me saying if I failed to produce documents, legal action would be taken against me. Although one and a half months have elapsed since the issuance of the notice, they have no moral courage (to take action). I’ve proved, the Bangladesh government has proved that Tarique Rahman took citizenship in a foreign country,” the state minister said.

Pointing at the BNP-Jamaat supporters, he questioned as to under whose leadership they do politics.

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