Taping of Ityadi’s ‘foreign guests’ segment’ completes

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Every Eid special episode of magazine show ‘Ityadi’ contains a hilarious segment participated by various foreign guests who live in Bangladesh for job purposes. This segment is thoroughly loved and enjoyed by people from all walks of lives and hence Hanif Sanket and the team of ‘Ityadi’ work extremely hard to make this segment entertaining. Keeping up with this trend, the foreign guest segment of the upcoming Eid special episode of ‘Ityadi’ has completed the shooting recently.

This year 50 guests have performed for this segment. Among them, 25 worked as actors while the others showed their mettle in dancing. The theme of this year’s segment revolves around ‘Peace in Family.’ As usual, the segment promises food for thoughts and social message for the viewers with dollops of laughter.

Portugal’s John Van Rijn says, ‘When we work for ‘Ityadi’ it feels like we are in a picnic. I love Hanif Sanket’s social works.’ Denmark national Erin C Hunter says, ‘I heard about this programme from many others, and now I’m feeling privileged and honored to be able to participate in this show.’

British national Craig Meisner has participated in this segment about three times.

While expressing his feelings, an elated Craig says, ‘It is total teamwork. ‘Ityadi’ is a very well organized team and so I feel good when I work with them.’

The man behind the ‘Ityadi’ Hanif Sanket is confronted by this reporter as well. When asked to comment about this segment, Hanif Sanket quips, ‘These foreign guests are not professional actors, but some professional actors of our industry can learn from them about time management, dedication, perseverance and benevolent nature. I hope viewers will enjoy this year’s foreign guests segment a lot.’

Sponsored by Keya Cosmetics Limited, Eid special ‘Ityadi’ will go on air on BTV and BTV World on the second day of Eid after 10:00pm news.

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