Star Cineplex takes down three Eid films amidst intense competition


Out of 11 films that were released during the festival, some are performing well, while others have not met expectations from the producers.

Three films fell off from the Eid race in the country’s premier multiplex, Star Cineplex. On the third and fifth day of Eid-ul-Fitr respectively, Kazi Hayat directorial film “Green Card” and Chotku Ahmed’s government-granted film “Ahare Jibon” were taken down. However, both movies are still running shows at Lion Cinemas.

Fuad Chowdhury directorial “Meghna Konnya” is another film was taken down from the multiplex. The film stars Qazi Nawshaba Ahmed, Fazlur Rahman Babu, Shatabdi Wadud, Samonty Das Shoumi, and Sajjad Hossain, among others.

According to the associates of Star Cineplex, the films could not sustain business at the halls.

Many involved in the film industry have expressed their opinions about the release of movies during Eid. Some argued that releasing 11 movies during Eid was not a good decision at all. It was a bad business decision to release more than four films during Eid. Some also criticised the release of three movies starring Sariful Razz during Eid, stating that it would have been better for the audience if only one of his movies was released during the festival.


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