Nora Fatehi opines feminism ‘ruined’ society


Nora Fatehi, known for her enchanting dance moves and alluring performances in Bollywood, has recently gained attention on social media for her controversial views on feminism, drawing criticism from fans.

The “Dilbar” famed dancer recently shared her perspective on feminism, suggesting that the ideology has had negative impacts on society.

Speaking on BeerBiceps, she stated her belief that “men and women aren’t equal in societal matters.” While expressing her support for women’s rights and education, she also cautioned against the potential drawbacks of radical feminism.

“I don’t buy into this notion of ‘I don’t need anybody’, I don’t believe in this ideology. In fact, I think feminism has had detrimental effects on our society,” stated the actress.

Nora Fatehi believes that although she doesn’t subscribe to the belief in the concept of man being the sole provider and woman as the nurturer. She believes that there should be certain limits to freedom.

“I don’t subscribe to that belief. I firmly believe that women are natural nurturers; they should pursue careers, have their own autonomy, and be independent, but within reasonable boundaries,” added the actress.

Nora also stressed the importance of women embracing their nurturing roles. She added that Women shouldn’t shy away from the responsibilities of being mothers, wives, and nurturers.

“Some label it as old-fashioned, traditional thinking, but I see it as the norm. It’s just that feminism has somewhat disrupted this balance. While I support the foundational principles of feminism and advocate for women’s rights, I also recognise its potential hazards when it veers into radical territory, particularly in societal matters,” expressed the actress.

Nora’s comment stirred controversy on social media, with some drawing comparisons to filmmaker Sandeep Reddy Vanga, known for his movies like “Kabir Singh” and “Animal,” which have faced criticism for their portrayal of misogyny. Some even humorously suggested Nora as his potential next leading lady.

Another netizen questioned Nora’s stance, pointing out the irony of her promoting traditional gender roles while actively pursuing success in her career in the entertainment industry. They commented, “Nora Fatehi advocating for women as nurturers and men as providers, dismissing the negatives of patriarchy, and blaming feminism for societal issues, all while sitting in a position where she’s striving to advance her career in a predominantly male-dominated industry, is quite ironic.”

On the work front, the actress was last seen in, “Madgoan Express”, featuring Pratik Gandhi, Divyenndu, and Avinash Tiwary in pivotal roles.


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