Sonakshi Sinha on troll getting arrested after her complaint



A decade ago, Sonakshi Sinha made her Bollywood debut with Salman Khan-starrer Dabangg and over the years, she has become one of the most loved actors in B-town. However, the love of her fans could not protect Sonakshi from online trolling. But the actress decided to take a step against the same and started a campaign, Ab Bas. Sonakshi even filed a complaint against a few trolls out of which one has been arrested. Recently, during her appearance on Zoom Happy Space, Sonakshi opened up about the same.

During her chat with the show’s host Rudrani Chattoraj, Sonakshi talked about creating a happier and safer online space and taking a stand against trolling, cyberbullying and harassment.

The actress said, “For the last couple of years, this thing that people feel that they can go and say whatever they want to online, has just been increasing. And they feel it’s acceptable and it’s really not. Today, the online world is such a big part of our lives. We spend more time online than offline. If that place cannot be a safe place for everyone then what is the point? You should not be able to see things that you cannot tell a person to their face.”

Sonakshi then said that people will not walk up to strangers on the street and start abusing them, so why are they doing this online. She added, “For me, it came from very personal experience when I realised that it’s been increasing very fast. Especially during the lockdown, people are just venting and people are facing the brunt and really not at fault.”

Talking about how to face such trolls, she further said, “Yes, you report to a platform, but that’s it? What happens post that? A person gets deleted from a platform and comes back with a new account. And when it’s really severe strict action needs to be taken. We created a lot of awareness and a lot of people sent in such messages of gratitude saying thank you. I went and filed complaint against a few people, out of which one has been arrested and others are underway. So for it’s all about helping me. To be able to protect themselves from this kind of abuse.”

You can watch Sonakshi’s full interview tonight! Zoom Happy Space airs every Wednesday at 8:30 pm and Sunday at 7:30 pm on YouTube and Zoom.

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