Ripple effects of war in Ukraine left deep scars on economies: PM



Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday (September 21, 2022) called for strong political commitment and global solidarity to face the challenges caused by the Ukraine war and other overlapping crises.

“No single country can tackle these challenges alone itself. At this moment, what we need the most is strong political commitment and global solidarity,” she said in a statement at a roundtable convened by UN Secretary General António Guterres together with Global Crisis Response Group Champions in New York.

The ripple effects of the war in Ukraine and other overlapping crises have left deep scars on societies and economies, especially in developing countries, said the premier.

“This has added many new challenges to our Covid recovery efforts, and SDGs implementation process,” she said.

Talking about Bangladesh, Hasina said the government has taken concrete fiscal and monetary measures to ensure macroeconomic stability and control inflation.

“Our social-safety-net programmes have been expanded manifold. There is targeted support for agriculture, MSMEs, and other vulnerable sectors,” she said.

The prime minister also mentioned that the government has also adopted specific plans to increase the share of renewables in the country’s energy mix.

Sanctions and countersanctions are deeply hurting people around the globe, more so, those in the countries in direct conflict, and those in the developing and least developed world, she observed.

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