Rajkummar Rao-Shraddha Kapoor film makes a killing in the opening weekend

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It really feels great when you see a good film getting the kind of appreciation it deserves. Stree is one such film. The whole experience of watching a story that is so well-made and well-performed makes your root for it. From the time, we watched the film, we knew it was meant for greatness and that’s exactly what happened. Stree has already gone past everyone’s calculations when it opened with a whopping Rs 6.82 crore and now, it has gone beyond to close the opening weekend on a high. In three days, the film has earned Rs 31.26 crore. The film itself is made at a budget of approximately Rs 20-25 crore. That means it is already marching on the victory path. Check out the latest collections right .

Stree’s biggest highlights are the story, dialogues and some of the best performances we have ever seen in recent times. There isn’t a single person in the film who was lacking in the acting department. It was as if director Amar Kaushik knew who he wanted and gathered a cast which can make it happen. The results are thus really great. The makers have already celebrated Stree’s victory at the box office but we won’t be surprised if they come together once again to raise a toast to one of the best-made films of this year!

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