President urges judges, lawyers to ensure rule of law



President M Abdul Hamid on Friday called the judges to take care of the litigants’ rights so that they do not have to roam on the court’s corridor the day after day to get a copy of the judgement after the verdict of the case.

“One thing to keep in mind is that if the dispute is not resolved properly, there will be a crisis of confidence. And if this process continues again and again, a chaotic situation may arise in the state and society,” he mentioned while delivering his virtual address from the Bangabhaban on the occasion of ‘Supreme Court Day 2020,’ reports BSS.

The President hoped that the financially indigent and distressed litigants would get all the legal assistance in the courts from the beginning of the case till the disposal.

The President urged judges, lawyers and all concerned to ensure the rule of law and justice by utilizing their respective talents and thinking, being liable to country, people and Constitution.

He said Bangladesh constitution stated that all citizens are equal to the eyes of law and are entitled to equal protection of the law.

“Therefore, it should be remembered that a litigant has the right to get justice. And it is our responsibility and duty to ensure the right of the citizen. There is no question of kindness or favour here,” President Hamid added.

Noting that country’s apex court Supreme Court is the guardian of the sacred Constitution, the President said since its (SC) inception, the Bangladesh Supreme Court has been playing a commendable role in protecting the fundamental rights of the people, establishing the rule of law and ensuring justice for the litigants.

The Supreme Court declared the Fifth and Seventh Amendments to the Constitution null and void, and restored the democratic rights of the people, he said.

Despite various hurdles, Abdul Hamid said the Supreme Court has played a commendable role in consolidating the rule of law in the country through the trial of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman murder case and the trial of war criminals.

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