No more Science, Humanities, Commerce at secondary level: Dipu Moni



There will be no separate streams like Humanities, Science and Commerce at Class IX in the new curriculum. It will be effective from 2022.

Education Minister Dr Dipu Moni said this while speaking at the 10th session of parliament on Thursday evening.

Under the latest curriculum, she said students will get this uniform education system at the secondary level from 2022.

Earlier, the special session of the parliament began at about 6:00pm with Speaker Dr Shirin Sharmin Choudhury in the chair.

The Education Minister mentioned that the government had planned to abolish the existing system last year. The formulation of curriculum is moving toward that direction.

All the students at Class IX and Class X will have to read the same textbooks under the uniform education system. It will help all the students at the secondary level to acquire knowledge in all subjects.

However, students will be able to avail separate streams like Humanities, Science and Commerce when they will be promoted to the Class XI and Class XII.

“We have taken necessary decisions in this regard holding talks with the persons concerned involved in preparing curriculums. Apart from changing of the curriculum, textbooks will also change,” said Dr Dipu Moni.

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