Infant dies after mom wearing high-heels loses balance

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A six-month-old infant died after his mother lost balance while wearing high heels.

The woman, who was attending a wedding, accidentally dropped the baby from the first floor-based gallery.

The infant suffered serious injuries and was taken to the hospital where he was declared dead.

The family of the baby was attending a marriage ceremony at Matoshree hall situated in Rambaug area, India, reported the Times of India.

‘The family after attending the wedding was returning home when Femida Shaikh (23) lost her control after she got imbalanced due to her high heel sandal and lost control of her son Mohammed who fell from first floor-based gallery,’ the newspaper quoted police saying.

Police said Shaikh family comes from lower middle class and Mohammad’s father works as helper in a shop in Ulhasnagar while Femida is a housewife.

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