Govt moves to settle long-pending cases

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The government has taken initiatives to dispose of cases pending with different courts of the country for a long time.

‘We’ve taken some measures to expedite the disposal of long-pending cases… the results will be visible soon,’ said Law Minister Anisul Huq, reports the UNB.

Law Ministry sources said some judges will be recruited soon, aiming to reduce the judicial backlog.

Sources at the Bangladesh Supreme Court said there are currently over 33.54 lakh civil and criminal cases pending with courts across the country.

Among the cases, 1,383,591 are civil ones, 17,84,860 are criminal cases and 86,049 others, mostly contempt petitions.

From October 1 to December 31, 2017, the number of civil cases pending with the Supreme Court’s Appellate Division is 11,199, High Court Division 93,174 and district, session’s judge courts, magistrate courts and tribunals 12,79,218.

Dr Md Zakir Hossain, Registrar General of the Supreme Court, told UNB that letters have been sent to lower court judges as per a Supreme Court directive to dispose of cases pending for more than five years on priority basis.

There is no alternative to disposing of the cases which are at more than five years old on a priority basis, he added.

Barrister Badruddoza, former secretary at the Bangladesh Supreme Court Bar Association, told UNB that manpower shortage is the main reason behind the piling up of cases, alongside lawyers taking too much time in deliberation.

He said appointing judges and providing them logistical support to ensure smooth disposal of the cases are the key to reducing the number of pending cases.

According to the latest Supreme Court statistics, from October 1 to December 31, 2017, the number of cases at their preliminary stages stood at 33.12 lakh, along with 4.30 lakh revived ones.

Among the preliminary cases, 18,043 cases are pending with the Appellate Division, while 4.86 lakh with the High Court and 32.38 lakh with other courts.

The number of cases that have been settled during the period stands at 27.4 lakh and 1478 of which were settled in the Appellate Division, 9804 in the High Court and the remaining 2.62 lakh in other lower magistrate courts.

The High Court is currently burdened with 4.76 lakh cases, with an additional 9,804 cases reported to have been settled so far.


Division    No. of ongoing cases    No. of civil cases    No. of criminal cases

Dhaka              11,02,710                   4,69,496                              6,33,214

Chattogram    5,24,563                      2,23,944                              3,00,619

Rajshahi          3,40,064                    1,60,844                                1,79,220

Khulna             3,63,730                    1,96,427                                1,67,303

Barishal           1,64,326                    87,912                                    76,414

Sylhet              1,41,192                    55,068                                    86,124

Rangpur          2,25,600                    85,889                                    1,39,711

Total No. of cases    28,61,185         12,79,580                                15,81,605


Among these, the following types of civil and criminal cases have been filed the most:


Type of case                          No. of cases ongoing           No. of cases settled

Family cases                                  66170                               6735

Financial scam                               8266                                 312

Loan default                                   30614                              1847

Inherited property claims                90275                              4132

Land survey                                    2,80,419                          3986

Labour-related                               12,607                             1640

Women and children abuse           1,65,400                         7976

Special tribunal                              92801                             1416

Anti-terrorism                                  591                                 4

Acid crime                                       454                         14

Narcotics                                         1,25,390                          2313

Money laundering                           52                                     00

Juvenile delinquency                       17,992                              567

Speedy Trial                                    3207                                 495

Cyber Crime                                    765                                   49

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