EC starts doing business with EVMs, alleges Fakhrul



BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has alleged that Election Commission is doing business with electronic voting machines (EVMs).
“The worst system for Bangladesh is EVM. The Election Commission is doing business with it. The Commission has bought each machine worth Tk 1,200 for Tk 3,600. Prices of the each machine are two to three times higher,” he told journalists at his residence in Thakurgaon district town on Friday.
Criticising the government for its rule in recently concluded municipal polls, Fakhrul said, “I have seen the unwavering support of the people towards our candidates and the Sheaf of Paddy. We believe that if there is a fair election, if the people can vote, if the voters can go to the polling centres, if they can vote there without any hindrance, if their votes are not stolen, if there is no robbery, then definitely we will win the mayoral posts in Dinajpur and Thakurgaon.”
“But, unfortunately, as far as I have seen in the municipal elections so far, in most of the elections the ruling party Awami League and the government came to power through vote rigging by using the state machinery as they did it in 2018 general elections. They did vote rigging in municipal elections in the same way,” he added.
Urging the countrymen to forge greater unity, the BNP leader further said, “Awami League wants to cripple the power alone by removing democracy with Fakruddin-Moinuddin’s support. Therefore, the people must form a people’s government in a united way waging mass unity through neutral, free and fair elections.”
He also blamed the government of irregularities on vaccine issue and said, “They are breaking the dreams of the nation by cutting people’s pockets in the name of development. Mega looting is going on now with vaccine.”
District unit BNP president Taimur Rahman and general secretary Mirza Faisal Amin were present.

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