Disagreement over namaj-e-janaza of Allama Shafi



A strong disagreement arose between the family members and followers over holding more than one namaj-e-janaza of Hefazat-e Islam ameer Allama Shah Ahmad Shafi on Friday night.

After his body was taken to Faridabad Madrasa at Gandaria by a convoy of ambulances from Asgar Ali Hospital in the capital at about 10:30pm on Friday, a group of people, claimed themselves as the followers of Allama Shafi, demanded holding a namaj-e-janaza there.

They asserted that they were the followers of late Allama Shafi. “We have been like a family throughout our entire lives. He came at Faridabad Madrasa many times and stayed here days after days. We had an emotional relationship with him. So, it’s our right to hold a namaj-e-janaza of him at Faridabad Madrasa,” one of the madrasa teachers said.

“We have no objection to take the body of Allama Shafi to Hathazari Madrasa and bury him there. But, before that we want to hold a namaj-e-janaza of him here in Dhaka,” he said.

They also sought permission to hold the namaj-e-janaza drawing the attention of the government.

However, late Ahmad Shafi’s son Moulana Anas Madani earlier said there will be only a single namaj-e-janaza of his father following the Zohr prayers on Saturday after the arrival of the body at Hathazari Madrasa premises from Dhaka.

Anas Madani, who has just been expelled from Hathazari Madrasa, said his father advocated for a single janaza throughout his life, because Quran and Hadith support holding only one janaza of a Muslim. “So, only one janaza of my father will be held at Hathazari Madrasa premises. According to his last wishes, my father will be buried at Hathazari Madrasa graveyard.”

He also sought blessings of the countrymen for his father. On behalf of his family, Anas Madani also sought apology to the countrymen if his father had hurt anyone’s feelings during his lifetime.

Allama Shafi died at about 6:20pm on Friday while undergoing treatment at Asgar Ali Hospital, Gendaria in Dhaka. Later, his body was taken to Faridabad Madrasa at night. After keeping the body over there for several hours, a convoy of several ambulnces left Faridabad Madrasa in Dhaka for Hathazari Madrasa in Chattogram late at night.

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