Deepika Padukone asks Kartik Aaryan ‘Kabhi mile ho mujhse?’



Deepika Padukone and Kartik Aaryan are often seen indulging in fun banter on each other’s posts on Instagram. From pictures to captions, the two keep pulling each other’s leg. Take for instance the other day when Kartik asked the meaning of ‘Shenanigans’ to Deepika when she mentioned it in a caption of one of her posts. Or the time when Deepika asked Kartik to ‘shave off’ his beard when he ran a poll on his feed. Well, something similar is the case even with the latest post shared by Deepika.

Yesterday, Deepika posted a boomerang video of seeing the reflection of her face on the back of a shining spoon. She captioned the video saying, “Checking myself out after eating birthday cake all week”, referring to husband Ranveer Singh’s birthday. Kartik, like most of us, was rather amused to see the mirror-like shine on the spoon as he asked DP, “Itni saaf chammach? (Such a clean spoon)”. You will be surprised to know how Deepika replied to him by hinting about her OCD for cleanliness.

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