Chris Evans to return to Marvel Cinematic Universe



Two years after retiring as the Avengers leader, Chris Evans is eyeing a return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. According to Variety, Deadline, which first broke the news that Evans was looking at another star-spangled turn, suggests that the actor won’t be anchoring his own movie, but will pop up in another Avengers standalone adventure.

No further clarifications have been given on the role, the film and the character that Evans is set to play. Soon after Deadline reported the new of Evans’ reunion with Marvel Studios, the Knives Out actor addressed the reports with a tweet on Thursday (local time).

The tweet neither confirmed nor denied the news altogether as the 39-year-old actor tweeted, “News to me” with a shrug emoji. As per Variety, Evans is already booked for another Disney project which is voicing of Pixar’s’Lightyear in 2022.

Besides the superhero realm, Evans was recently seen in mystery smash Knives Out and Apple series Defencing Jacob.

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