Brothers champion in Brazilian martial arts

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Ansar Ahmed Ullah

The two Bengali brothers from East London, have won the glory of being British, European and World Champion in Brazilian martial arts Jiu Jitsu. One of the brothers have been listed in Team Great Britain. He will be taking part on behalf of Team GB at the next Olympics.
Abdur Rahman Miah started training at the age of 9 becoming the world’s junior champion this year following his win at the European championship.
Following the footsteps of his elder brother Ibraaheem Miah started training at the age of 4. Ibraaheem Miah also became British, European and World Champion in under 60kg. The two brothers have won at least 15 gold medals in the last three years.
For their success they had to practice at least four days a week for two hours a day. As well as success in sports Abdur Rahman Miah passed his GCSEs with 7 A stars and 5 A’s from Newham Academy last year. Ibraaheem Miah will start his studies this year at the same Academy from September.
Abdur Rahman Miah and Ibraaheem Miah has two other brothers and one sister. Their third brother is about to start martial arts too. Only sister will be taking her GCSE exams next year. Their father is a Kung Fu fighter too. And their mother is always busy supporting their training, daily routine and meals. Abdur Rahman Miah and Ibraaheem Miah said that their parents are their coach, practicing partner and sometimes a cab driver. These two brothers feel that martial arts can contribute towards disciplining life.
Shyamal Miah & Rumi Begum from London borough of Newham are proud parents of brothers Abdur Rahman Miah and Ibraaheem Miah. Abdur Rahman Miah and Ibrahim Miah parents are originally from Patligram, Sunamganj.

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