‘Artistes should not stoop so low’: Zayed Khan on Nipun’s writ petition


Nipun Akter, renowned actor and former general secretary of the Bangladesh Film Artistes’ Association (BFAA), has filed a writ petition in the High Court challenging the annulment of the newly formed committee of the film association.

This move comes after the committee, led by the Misha and Dipjol panel, took charge following the election held over a month ago on April 19. Welcoming the newly elected president and general secretary with flower garlands, Nipun initiated the winning panel’s tenure on April 20, following their victory. However, on Wednesday (May 15), Nipun submitted a writ application to the High Court bench comprising Justices Naima Haider and Kazi Jinat Haque.

This isn’t the first time Nipun has taken legal action regarding the BFAA election. Two years ago, when she contested against actor Zayed Khan, expressing dissatisfaction with the election proceedings, she went to court and won the case against Zayed.

This time, Nipun challenged the results of the 2024-26 election, citing irregularities and demanding a fresh election. The writ awaits a hearing scheduled for next week.

In a recent interview, Zayed Khan stated, “Why would she welcome a panel with garlands and good wishes and file a complaint over the election a month later? If I am not wrong, she welcomed the new committee with flower garlands, saying that the election was conducted fairly at that time.”

“However, after all this time, she suddenly realised that the election was not fair? What is this utter duplicity!” Zayed mentioned Nipun’s approach as disgraceful and deceitful, saying, “Artistes should not stoop so low. Because of her, artistes are being defamed. I hope all artistes will unite to oppose her.”

Previously, despite gracefully accepting the announcement of the election results, Nipun’s sudden move to challenge the legitimacy of the current committee has stirred further controversy and uncertainty about her stance.

Advocate Polash Chandra Roy filed the writ petition on behalf of Nipun, alleging irregularities and misconduct in the election process. The writ calls for an investigation into the matter and directions to establish a new election committee. Additionally, instructions have been sought to disclose the details of a new election process.

Last month, the Misha-Dipjol panel secured victory in the BFAA 2024-26 term election. BFAA Chief Election Commissioner Khorshed Alam Khosru announced the election results on April 20.


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