Everybody knows Nipun because of me: Dipjol


Actress Nipun Akter, who was defeated in her bid for the position of general secretary during the recent Bangladesh Film Artistes’ Association (BFAA) election, has taken legal action by filing a writ petition before the High Court to challenge the validity of the association’s election for the 2024-26 term on May 15.

Monowar Hossain Dipjol, the newly elected general secretary of the BFAA committee, has addressed the matter today, providing his perspective on the issue.

Actors welcomed the current committee of the BFAA with flowers at BFDC on Thursday afternoon. During this event, Dipjol stated, “The individual you mentioned [Nipun] is disowning her roots in showbiz. Her recognition is owed to me. If she wishes to take legal action against me, I am prepared to face it. However, it must be done fairly without turning it into a spectacle.”

He further expressed concern about the state of the film industry, remarking, “Our film industry is at risk of turning into ruins due to these undesirable activities. We must take necessary steps to prevent its downfall. If everyone contributes with diligence and commitment, it will benefit our industry.”

The newly elected BFAA President Misha Sawdagar, Vice-president DA Tayeb, Joint General Secretary Arman, and Treasurer Komol, amongst others, were also present at the event.


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