Aishwarya is a one-woman army: Abhishek

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Abhishek Bachchan is a complete family man and despite his hectic schedule, he always manages to find time for his six-year-old daughter.  Speaking about Aaradhya, the actor believes that children today are more mature than their parents were at that age. “Today’s children are so mature, they are able to adapt so much more quickly than us or our parents. Each of us has a different journey of parenthood.”

Reminiscing about his childhood days, the actor says, “I was very naughty, that’s what my mother tells me. But I feel most boys are that way growing up.” Being the younger of the two siblings, he remembers being whacked by his mother, though he was more scared of his father Amitabh Bachchan.

“Yes, mom was strict. She would hit me sometimes. But as soon as I grew up a bit, I was beyond her reach (smiles).

Dad never even raised his voice, forget raising his hand. Just one look was enough to make us realise our mistake and vow never to repeat it,” he says.

The actor who studied in Bombay Scottish and then went on to boarding school in Switzerland reveals that he hasn’t decided if Aaradhya will be also sent to a boarding school. “She is too young, she’s just six-year-old now. We haven’t discussed it yet. I remember, when I was in boarding school, I would often write letter to my dad. But today’s children are technology driven. Aaradhya writes me notes sometimes when I am out of town. But we usually stay in touch through FaceTime,” he reveals, adding that life has changed ever since he became a family man.

“When I was single, I would just pack my bags with the essentials and head off. Now that I am a family man, I try to put some effort into packing for all of us. But before I can get to it, I find that Aishwarya has already done everything that needs to be done. She’s a one-woman army, I must say,” he declares.

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