Adah Sharma styles gorgeous pink suit, gets brutally trolled for her ‘creepy’ face mask



Adah Sharma was recently snapped wearing a gorgeous pink flared suit with juttis. However, instead of complimenting her OOTD look, netizens trolled her for the face mask she donned.

Adah Sharma trolled for her safety mask

Adah Sharma trolled for her safety mask

  • Adah Sharma was recently snapped wearing a unconventional face mask
  • The Kalki actress was trolled as social media users commented that her mask looks “creepy”
  • The actress styled the mask with an ethnic attire but it did not sit well with the fashion police

Ever since the COVID-19 induced condition, face masks have become an essential add on to our everyday looks. No matter what outfit you are donning, wearing a mask with it is a must. Now considering how essential face masks have become to our OTTD looks, there are celebrities who are sporting these precautionary items with great style. Right from wearing a mask that matches your outfit to sporting ones that are colorful and quirky, our stars have not been letting this safety measure steal away their style.

While many have been appreciated for their eco-friendly masks, there are a handful who have become the target of the trolly army. Amongst them is Adah Sharma who recently styled a rather unconventional face mask and became a laughing stock in no time. You must be wondering how different could her mask be that her style triggered the fashion police, right?

Well, for starters, it did not sit well with the outfit that she chose for her public appearance. She was wearing a pink flared suit with hair left open. The mask that she picked to complete her look was printed in blue with artificial coloured lips drawn over it. In case you are not able to visualise her overall look, check out her pictures here:

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