Why was SRK rushed to the hospital?


Shah Rukh Khan was admitted to KD Hospital in Ahmedabad on Tuesday, May 21, due to dehydration. After receiving initial treatment, he was discharged.

Doctors at KD Hospital reported that King Khan experienced dehydration. The play-off match between KKR and SRH took place in Ahmedabad on Tuesday. SRK had arrived in the city two days before the match.

Why was SRK rushed to the hospital?

After the match concluded, SRK and the team arrived late at night at the ITC Narmada Hotel in Ahmedabad, where they were warmly welcomed.

When his condition worsened in the morning, SRK was taken to KD Hospital around 1pm. He was discharged after receiving initial treatment. Currently, his health is stable, and doctors have advised him to rest adequately.

Ahmedabad, along with many other parts of India, experienced high temperatures. In Gujarat’s capital, the temperature reached around 45 degrees, and the Meteorological Department issued a red alert for the city.

Why was SRk rushed to the hospital?

In the past two years, Shah Rukh Khan has presented a series of hit movies such as “Pathaan”, “Jawan”, and “Dunki”. Soon, he will be seen in a movie titled “King”. However, for now, he is focusing on his IPL team, KKR.


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