Updating information about Dhaka dwellers’ from Monday



Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) is going to resume collecting citizen information on Monday (February 1) as part of its preventive measures to avert threats.

The DMP will collect citizen information by observing a “Citizen Information Collection Fortnightly” from February 1, said DMP deputy commissioner for media Walid Hossain.

During this period, they will visit every house to collect tenants’ information for Citizen Information Management System database.

The police said they formally started collecting tenants’ information in September 2016.

They divided their areas into 306 bit policing zones to collect information of all the house owners and tenants.

City dwellers can provide their information to beat policing officers, or fill in required forms by downloading CIMS application in their smartphones, said Walid.

DMP inaugurated a mobile application for Citizen Information Management System in September 2019 to help curb crimes.

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