UK foreign minister rebukes Trump in envoy row


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US president Donald Trump has been “disrespectful” towards the prime minister and the UK, Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has said.

His comments come after President Trump called Sir Kim Darroch, the UK ambassador to the US, “a very stupid guy” amid a row over leaked emails.

He went on to criticise Theresa May over Brexit, saying she had ignored his advice and gone her “own foolish way”.

On Sunday emails revealed the ambassador had called the Trump administration “clumsy and inept”.

Meanwhile, International Trade Secretary Liam Fox’s scheduled meeting with the US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in the US was cancelled on Tuesday.

Mr Hunt responded to Mr Trump’s latest outburst by tweeting: “Friends speak frankly so I will: these comments are disrespectful and wrong to our prime minister and my country.”

The Tory leadership hopeful also said he would keep Sir Kim in his post until he retires at Christmas.

During a televised debate, Boris Johnson, the current Tory leadership frontrunner, was pushed on whether he would keep the ambassador, but said he “wouldn’t be so presumptuous” as to think he would be in a position to do that.

Mr Johnson said he had “a good relationship” with the White House and that it was important to have a “close partnership” with the US

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