‘Toofan’s’ title track stirs up a storm among fans


The anticipation for the film “Toofan” has reached new heights with the release of its title track of the same name. The teaser alone piqued the curiosity of fans and audiences, with many predicting it would create a sensation upon release. Prior to this, the film’s “item” song, Pritom Hasan’s  “Laage Ura Dhura”, is already generating significant buzz.

‘Toofan's’ title track stirs up a storm among fans

On Wednesday night (June 5), the title track “Toofan” was simultaneously released on the YouTube channels and Facebook pages of Alpha-i Studios, SVF, and Chorki, as well as the personal pages of the film’s director and lead actors.

‘Toofan's’ title track stirs up a storm among fans

The 2-minute-13-second song was composed and arranged by Naved Parvez, with lyrics by Tahsan Shuvo. Arif Rahman Joy lent his voice to the track, with Rapstar Dadu featuring in the rap section. The song was mixed and mastered by Shubhadeep Mitra in Mumbai and recorded by Rajbir Ahmed at R-cube Studio.

Since its release, the song has sparked widespread discussion online. Viewers and critics alike are praising not just the vocals, lyrics, and composition, but also Shakib Khan’s on-screen presence. Many comments highlight that this is a side of Shakib Khan they’ve never seen before.

‘Toofan's’ title track stirs up a storm among fans

One YouTube user, said, “For the first time in Bangladesh, director Raihan Rafi seems to have made proper use of Shakib Khan. The film looks like an international standard production. I am hopeful for something really great. Best wishes to the captain of the ship, Raihan Rafi. Best of luck to ‘Toofan’ and Shakib Khan.”

‘Toofan's’ title track stirs up a storm among fans

Another user commented, “I have watched so many movies since my childhood, but I never imagined a movie like this could be made in Bangladesh. Every scene gave me goosebumps.”

A third YouTube comment stated, “Even though I am not a fan of Shakib Khan, I came to listen to this song within a minute of its release because of my immense trust and faith in Raihan Rafi. I believe something good is coming.”

Indian YouTubers have also praised the song. Aritro Banerjee from the popular YouTube channel “Aritros Gyan” believes the song’s lyrics are easily understandable and resonate with Bengali culture, making Shakib Khan’s performance even more compelling. He noted, “The song’s lyrics are rich with Bengali essence. It proves that ‘larger-than-life’ appeal can be created using simple words.” Additionally, Banerjee lauded the song’s visuals and cinematography.

‘Toofan's’ title track stirs up a storm among fans

Another YouTuber from West Bengal, Rupam of “Rupam’s Review” stated, “A song’s audio is just as important as its visuals. This song is so well done that it creates a resonant impact. It’s been a long time since I enjoyed a commercial Bengali film song this much.”

‘Toofan's’ title track stirs up a storm among fans

“Toofan” has been produced by Alpha-i Studios Limited, with Chorki as the digital partner and SVF as the international distributor. Directed by Raihan Rafi, the film features an ensemble cast including Shakib Khan, Chanchal Chowdhury, Mimi Chakraborty, and Masuma Rahman Nabila.


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