‘Toofan’s’ record-breaking trajectory worries Shakibians


Shakib Khan is at the pinnacle of success, with his career graph soaring uphill over the past few years as he continues to deliver hit after hit. While Shakib Khan’s fans are thrilled with this success, they are also voicing their daunting fear that someone might try to harm the megastar.

According to his fans, Shakib Khan might face death threats like Bollywood heroes. They believe that after the success of “Toofan”, his enemies have increased and that out of jealousy, the said enemies might resort to extreme measures to stop him.

Earlier, Shakib Khan himself hinted at a malevolent presence in his life. Rumors in showbiz suggest that these shady forces might attempt something drastic against the actor, causing alarm among the Shakibians.

This afternoon, nearly 100 fans from different parts of the country gathered at the Bashundhara branch of Star Cineplex to watch “Toofan”, aiming to draw the government’s attention and ensure strong security for the actor.

Shakib Khan’s fans asserted that previous celebrities who met untimely deaths did not have a fanbase as dedicated as the Shakibians. They demanded Shakib Khan be protected as a national treasure. The fans also named actors who reached the country’s peak of stardom but were somehow thwarted by an unknown force, such as Salman Shah and Manna.

Raihan Rafi’s movie “Toofan” has been released in 129 theaters across the country since Eid day. Star Cineplex branches are showing 55 screenings daily, setting a record for the highest number of shows in their 20-year history. “Toofan” quickly became the number one movie among the top five shows at Star Cineplex within its first week.

Jamuna Blockbuster is screening 14 shows of the movie, and many cinema halls are actively running midnight shows — a record for Bangladeshi films.


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