Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson to get COVID-19 vaccination but on one condition



Celebrity couple Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson who was among the first celebrity couple to contract COVID-19, are planning to get the vaccine against coronavirus only after everyone who truly needs it receives it.

According to Fox News, the statements came during an American talk show ‘Today,’ during a discussion on Hanks’ upcoming movie ‘News of the World.’

During the discussion with host Savannah Guthrie, the ‘Forrest Gump’ actor also touched on the matter of his coronavirus recovery.

“We’ll be getting it long after everybody who truly needs to get it. But OK, we had it, and it was a tough 10 days, but I think what’s much more important is the second half of the COVID-19 formula is we didn’t give it to anybody,” Fox News quoted Hanks as saying.

Hanks also confirmed that he and his wife are still wearing face masks.

“Not just so we don’t catch it but so you don’t give it to somebody in case you are one of those asymptomatic carriers,” he said.

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