This Cumin-Cinnamon-Ginger Tea May Help You Manage Weight And Boost Immunity



The one thing that on-going Coronavirus pandemic has taught us is to take special care of our immune health. Experts around the world have repeatedly recommended strong immunity that may help protect our body from germs and viruses and reduce the impact of several infections. While some people are blessed with strong immunity, others need to work towards building it over the time. With a healthy lifestyle, coupled with nutritious and well-balanced diet, is ideal for attaining a strong immune system and stamina. And a look into your kitchen pantry will give you a pool of food ingredients (especially spices) that can help you brew healthy concoctions to boost immunity.

One such nutrient-packed mix is cumin-cinnamon-ginger tea. Besides being a great beverage for immunity, this drink may also aid metabolism and help you shed some extra kilos.

Health Benefits of Cumin (Jeera):

A commonly used spice in almost every Indian dish, jeera (or cumin) is rich in anti-oxidants and helps flush out toxins from our body and protect it from inflammation and free-radical damages. It also aids digestion, metabolism and over-all gut health that accelerate fat burning process and strengthen immunity.

Health Benefits of Cinnamon (Dalchini):

Cinnamon has been prized in traditional medical practice since time immemorial. Alongside adding a strong flavour to the dishes, cinnamon is known for its health benefitting properties that aid weight loss, help manage diabetes and boost immunity.

Health Benefits of Ginger (Adrak):

As per the book ‘Healing Foods’ by DK Publishing, ginger has an active component referred to as gingerol that “has analgesic, sedative, antipyretic and antibacterial effects; another component zingerone is an antioxidant”. These properties make ginger great for fighting inflammation, aiding digestion, metabolism, weight loss and promoting immunity.

How To Make Cumin-Cinnamon-Ginger Tea | Jeera-Cinnamon-Ginger Tea For Immunity And Weight Loss:


Cumin seeds- 1 teaspoon

Cinnamon powder- half teaspoon

Ginger- half-inch

Water- 1 cup


Step 1. Soak the three ingredients in water over-night.

Step 2. Boil it well the next morning on medium flame.

Step 3. Strain and drink. You may also add some lemon and honey if you want.

Drink this herbal concoction in the morning and give a healthy start to the day. But always remember to consult an expert before making any kind of lifestyle change.

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