The Big Flower Fight: ‘It sounds mad, it is mad’


We have a show about baking, a show about sewing and a show about pottery – so it was only a matter of time before flowers were thrown into the mix.

Enter The Big Flower Fight: the new Netflix show with all the elements of these wholesome competition shows but with a bit more edge.

If you are already losing interest because you think it’s about florists and arranging the best roses, you are wrong.

You won’t see anything created on this show in your local garden shop.

“It sounds mad, it is mad,” explains Natasia Demetriou, who co-hosts the show with Vic Reeves.

“You have to watch it, because it’s sort of to do with gardening and it’s definitely to do with flowers.

“But it’s not really anything like any human has ever done before.”

The series has contestants from all over the world, some are florists or landscape gardeners but there are also hairdressers and carpenters.

Each week they are tasked with creating huge floral structures – from eight-foot insects to couture gowns.

“If you are creative, can see some chicken wire, a bunch of grass and see how to make that into a dog, then you can probably be on the show,” Tash laughs.

There are obvious comparisons to the Great British Bake Off but for Natasia that is no bad thing.

“Yeah, all these sorts of shows owe a lot to the Bake Off, it was the first of this type of format show with the competitive element,” she says.

“It’s very comforting television. It’s lovely, mindful and peaceful. There is a competition element, but there’s a lot of love.”

But there are many differences besides swapping cake for flowers.

The contestants are from all over the world and it will be shown in every country that has Netflix, so it’s not just a British show.

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