Tahsan, Farin’s ‘Ronge Ronge’ tops YouTube trends in Bangladesh


Immensely popular actors turned singers Tahsan Khan, and Tasnia Farin, have made a unique appearance before the audience this Eid-ul-Fitr with their collaborative song, “Ronge Ronge Rongin Hobo”, at the magazine television programme “Ityadi”.

Following the event, the song was uploaded to the YouTube channel of production house Fagun Audio Vision. Subsequently, the song became a sensation among the audiences with listeners enjoying it with great enthusiasm.

The song “Ronge Ronge Rongin Hobo” received initial acclaim at the magazine event. Although Tahsan Khan is a seasoned musician, Tasnia Farin especially captivated the audience with her exceptional vocal talent — despite not being a professional singer.

However, the song is now in the number-one spot on YouTube’s list of trending songs in Bangladesh. A surge in popularity has placed it at the top of preferences for all types of audiences. Within just a few days, the song has garnered over eight million views.

Acclaimed host of the show, Hanif Sanket expressed his excitement about this development on his social media platform. He wrote, “We are delighted to learn that all the songs featured in the special Eid edition of ‘Ityadi’ have been well-received by you. Amongst them, the song ‘Ronge Ronge Rongin Hob’ sung by artistes Tahsan and Tasnia Farin has been selected as the best song and has secured the top position in the music section of YouTube’s trending list, which has remained unchanged.”

The popular presenter further added, “We always strive to ensure that the songs, music, and selection of artistes for our programmes are nothing short of exceptional. Thousands of viewers have praised the song and appreciated the overall selection of lyricist, composer, and artiste.”

Notably, the lyrics for this song were penned by Kabir Bakul, while it was composed and tuned by Imran Mahmudul.


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