Sushant Singh Rajput must have been frightened’: Kangana Ranaut



Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut on Saturday alleged that she heard gunshots being fired outside her home in Manali on Friday night. The actress, who called the police soon after, also said that two shots were fired with a gap of eight seconds.

During an interview about the incident, Kangana alleged that local people may have been hired to do the same. She added that it’s not difficult to pay someone Rs. 7000-8000 and assign them a job like this.

Speaking to ETimes, the actress, without taking any names, further alleged that this incident happened on the same day she made a statement about the Chief Minister’s son and claimed that this was not coincident.

“People are telling me that they will now make your life miserable in Mumbai. Well, I don’t have to be in Mumbai, they are doing it here also. Is there an open goondagardi in this country? This is how Sushant must have been frightened,” she has been quoted saying.

The actress further asserted that she will keep asking questions. Kangana’s statement comes a day after a tweet on her team’s Twitter handle read, “Everyone knows but no one can take his name, Karan Johar’s best friend and world’s best CM’s best son, lovingly called baby penguin, Kangana is saying if I found hanging in my house, please know I did not commit suicide.”

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