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Sur Bandhan Society, otherwise known as Surbandhan, has become a top brand organisation although they call themselves a movement and not an organisation.
This movement is offering well thought out and planned events, workshops and literature to shape and pave the way for Indian classical music in the United Kingdom.  Established in 2011, the group has held events mainly in South London, but recently their projects in East London have turned heads of some of the most senior, world-class artists.
Since 2016, the chair of Surbandhan with lead from Chairperson Piya Mayenin and executives, Shahadat Hussain and Asma Matin, has commissioned: “Mughal to Modern”, “Raaga is a Human Right”, and; current project “Raag Probaaho”, to the residents of UK.
Collaborating with Top Artists and with Arts Council, Tower Hamlets Council and others, the events are not only refreshing, but educational and focuses on growth of artists in the UK. The focus is structured and defined music and the place of raagas in such compositions. Time and time again compositions are chosen that demonstrate the main tenets of raaga and how raaga is used to create emotions in Indian classical music.
The executives of Surbandhan are long standing students of Indian Classical Music themselves and are passionate about sharing whatever they have learned in order to encourage others and share the beauty the depth and the complexity of Indian classical music.
Executive Shahadat Hussain Masum says that this movement is a beautiful and talented way of taking back youngsters in countries outside of South Asia back to their roots and heritage of the rich and addictive heritage.  With an educational touch, the events are geared towards providing a platform to new singers whilst celebrating the most popular and renowned artists. Asma Matin informs us that Surabndhan has presented world class artists.
As part of Surbandhan’s “Raag Probaaho” series 2019, the Thumri & Ghazal Soiree, featuring the well-loved and golden voiced artist Alaur Rahman, was held on the 16th June 2019 and was a roaring success. The event was opened by an immaculate chorus of Eso Shyamolo Shundoro by the Surbandhan team led by Piya Mayenin on harmonium. Other singers included Shahadat Hussain Masoom, Asma Matin Ruby and Yasmeen Rahman.
The compositons heard were ‘Jene Nite Hobe Mone Tar Kono Daag Roye Gache Ki Na Aajo’, that was sung by Anup Jalota and others.  Then was a Tagore song sung by Piya: ‘Ami Tomari Matiro Konnya’ in raag chahayanaut.  Jaheda then sang “Shunnyo Haate Phiri He” and “Ei Lobhinu”, demonstrating Shurfaktaal and Jampak. With Masum singing Kazi Nazrul Islam’s “Abar Bhalobashar Shad Jage” and Piya ending with a famous dadra in Raag Des, “Jiya Mora Lehraaye”, Surbandhans effforts were hugely appreciated. The added poetry from well-known poet, Asma Matin , “Ohe Priyo Jodi Mon Chahe Go” and “Prithibir Moddhyekhaane Ekti Bikel” and her grandson Yhuannes’s poetry “ The Memories”,  added to the delight of the audience  as did the poetic presentation by presenter Yasmeen with some beautiful and graceful poetry shaiyiri.
Artist Rick Sinha who was to do chotto khyal in raag Boopali, was unfortunately not present during the performance due to the death in the family.
With accompaniment from renowned Sandy Man and Amith Dey, the show felt heavenly.

Amongst audience members there was Soumyen Adhikari, a prominent singer and other well-known singers such as Ameen Raja and Ina Khan. The only setback of the evening was a delay in the program which caused a few guests to leave.
Alaur Rahman, the well-loved and long-standing artist in the UK was honoured  with  a whole section of the soiree where audience devoured his honey golden voice, singing thumri and ghazal such as the famous “Kya Karoon Sajni Aye Na Baalam” sang by Bade Ghulam Ali Khan saaheb, as well as “Kab Aaogey”  which was famously sang by Fateh Ali Khan Saheb. Finally, a Mehdi Hassan heart touching rendition of “Gulon Mein Rang”.
The activities of Surbandhan is very encouraging for youngsters and immigrant communities as it is very open and presented in a simple way.
The audiences of Surabndhan are mostly music lovers of every genre. In the recent event, Ina Khan who is a Rock singer devoured the event. Surbandhan’s Its audiences have enjoyed and been encouraged by top artists including Srimati Lucy Rahman and Fazlul Bari Babu.
Piya Mayenin, Chairperson is very happy with the shape that the future of South Asian music in UK and thanks all great singers, teachers and people involved in making Surbandhan successful. She is particularly grateful to her teachers, Late Pundit Hari Das Ganguli, Fida Hussain Khan, Mahmudur Rahman Benu and Sajali Roy.  On a platform that focuses on the music and not the person the focus is back on raaga and on Indian classical music. A platform of beauty encouragement and of growth.
The next event is on 21st July, Seeking Kazi Nazrul Islam will be a delve into the various types of compositions of the great poet by Srimati Sajali Roy in addition to some Poncho Kobi items by students of Sajali Roy and others.

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