Shibani Dandekar gets candid about Farhan Akhtar



In a candid conversation on Instagram with ‘Four More Shots Please!’ actress Shibani Dandekar — who joined the cast in their second season — spoke at length about her director-actor boyfriend Farhan Akhtar and how their first two dates were far from perfect.

“My first coffee date with him was a disaster. We were barely speaking … Our second date, a dinner, was equally bad but he thought it went really well,” said Dandekar.

But it was the WhatsApp conversations between them where they truly hit it off. Now they live together in Mumbai and are going strong.

“He’s the one who convinced me to write my own web show. He kept asking me about it and where I have reached in my writing. I tend to procrastinate a lot, but he believes in doing it. I have learnt how to be organised by observing him work. He’s so patient, while I am high-strung and impatient. His patience is unbelievable,” said Dandekar.

According to reports, the two were planning to get married this year. But their plans are now on hold due to the coronavirus outbreak around the globe.

“I have learnt that less is more during these times and I have embraced minimalism … The lockdown has also taught us to be grateful for a lot of things in life. It has also highlighted the disparity between those who have a roof over their heads and the ones who don’t. It’s a strange time,” said Dandekar.

She also added that there were times when she felt guilty for being privileged.

“While some of us are learning to cook or cultivating a new hobby, there are people who struggling to find food. We live in such strange times,” she added.

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