Shakib Khan’s new film coming this Eid after one year



Dhallywood superstar Shakib Khan and Bubly starrer “Leader: Ami Bangladesh” directed by Topu Khan is set to release in theatres this Eid-ul-Fitr. Amidst all the controversies regarding Shakib Khan, after almost one year his film will be released this Eid.

“This is my directorial debut film. In this film, the audience will discover Shakib in a new way. The film revolves around how a leader fights against the odds in his society and finds a solution. I hope the audience will enjoy our film,” said the director.

The production company of the film said, “We wanted to give the audience a good film. That’s why it has been late. Finally, the film will be released in the local and international theatres this Eid.”

The shooting of the film started on May 25, 2021. Although the release of the film was delayed several times, now it’s all ready to be released.

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