Shakib Khan to settle in the USA!


Superstar of Bangladesh film industry Shakib Khan is outlining to settle down in the United States of America (USA) like many other showbiz asterisks of Bangladesh.

A hearsay is floating around the industry that Shakib Khan had applied for the employment-based (EB) VISA in actor category in December through an agency.

Although Shakib Khan has not confirmed the matter yet, the cinema Industry is solicitous over the news of Shakib’s plan to settle in the USA.

Teachers, physicians, artists, literary persons, businessmen and professionals, who have their own research papers or have received special honour or medals, can avail the opportunity of EB visa.

Very few Bangladeshi stars have already got settled in the US in the quota visa like- Tony Dyes, Priya Dyes, Richie Solaiman, Sonia, Monalisa, Dilruba Ruhi, Tamalika Karmakar, Sravanti, Shamim Shahed and others.

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