Shah Rukh Khan may be playing a midget in his upcoming film Zero


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Shah Rukh Khan may be playing a midget in his upcoming film Zero, but that sure hasn’t dwarfed the film’s stature.

The two films that were supposed to have shared its release date of December 21 — Aquaman, made with five times Zero’s budget, and The Accidental Prime Minister — have been preponed, thus paving the way for Zero to have a solo release.

According to the latest reports, Aquaman will now come out on December 7, and The Accidental Prime Minister will come out on December 14.

Says a trade source, “This means that there will be a lot more screens available for Zero. The Accidental Prime Minister and Zero share some distributors, which is why they have decided to shift their release dates to avoid cannibalisation of their own business. They want to be able to give Zero the kind of treatment it deserves as it is Shah Rukh Khan’s most ambitious film to date. Reports on the film are fabulous, and it is expected to mark SRK’s return to King Khan status.”

Zero has been made with a massive budget of Rs 200 crore, and distributors have already lapped up four territories — Delhi-UP, Central Provinces (CP), (Central India) CI and Rajasthan — at  a cost of `40 crore.

Meanwhile, the filmmakers using some innovative ways to promote the film. They have created a profile in the name of SRK’s character Bauua Singh and they’ve even managed to get Twitter to mark it “verified”. Now, Bauua is busy posting updates about the film and interacting with fans to get them hyped for the release. It’s no wonder that the competition is fleeing scared.

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