Sariful Razz, Idhika Paul to pair up for Arshad Adnan’s ‘Shaheb’


In the wake of superhits like “Priyotoma” and “Rajkumar” the anticipation for film producer Arshad Adnan’s upcoming film “Shaheb” is palpable. Recently on his birthday, producer Adnan revealed a surprising turn with the announcement of his new film “Shaheb”.

As per assumptions based on the producer’s side, actor Shakib Khan was previously anticipated to be in the film. However, Sariful Razz has officially been cast to star in the film alongside Indian-Bengali actress Idhika Paul.

Making the announcement Arshad Adnan disclosed that “Shaheb” will be directed by emerging filmmaker Saif Chandan, with Himel Ashraf serving as the film’s advisor. The film is slated for release on Eid next year.

The producer further elaborated on his plans, hinting at bigger projects with superstar Shakib Khan in the pipeline. Although he remained tight-lipped about the storyline for the film, Adnan said more details on the film will be unveiled soon.

Confirmed to start shooting this July, “Shaheb” promises to be an action-packed venture, marking a departure from the “Local” famed director Saif Chandan’s previous directorial endeavour.

The anticipated chemistry between Razz and Paul, stemming from their team-up for Hashibur Reza Kallol’s “Kobi”, adds to the excitement of “Shaheb”.


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