Salman Khan’s sweet gesture



Salman Khan is someone who may be brash and irreverent at times when it comes to his behaviour, but the people around him cannot stop raving about how good he is to everyone around him, caring for them as much as his family.

The latest story is about Salman picking up payments of the spot boys and other crew members who were not paid their dues.

“Sometimes, it does happen that in the midst of a hectic shoot, payments are not made to the workers who are on daily wages, including the spot boys. Recently, when some of these people brought this to Salman’s notice, he got everybody’s dues cleared. If Bhai sees anyone unhappy, he tries to bring a smile to their face,” says our source.

The source adds, “There was one actor called Ram Sujan Singh who Salman saw sitting down and having his food. He immediately told his staff that he wanted that guy to have food with him and sat down and shared his food with him. Which superstar does that?” asks our source.

No wonder they all call him bhai!

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