Razz and I are just friends: Mondera Chakroborty


Emerging actress Mondera Chakroborty is basking in the praise for her portrayal of the lead role in the Gias Uddin Selim’s film “Kajol Rekha”. While the film initially faced stiff competition from Shakib Khan’s “Rajkumar”, as it enters its fourth week since release, its resonance among audiences is steadily growing. Mondera’s depiction of the character “Kajol Rekha” has captivated audiences, particularly the younger generation.

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Star, Mondera expressed her joy, stating, “I am extremely delighted. Working on my debut film has brought me a unique sense of happiness. I never anticipated such overwhelming love from the audience. It feels like destiny. This first film has provided ‘Kajol Rekha’ the platform to resonate with numerous viewers.”

Reflecting on her modest beginnings in showbiz, Mondera, hailing from Khulna, has always received unwavering support from her parents. Their encouragement led her to pursue a career in films, and now, witnessing her success, their happiness knows no bounds. “My parents are overjoyed with the appreciation of ‘Kajol Rekha’. They couldn’t be happier,” she shared.

Meanwhile, Mondera is gearing up to bring the film to her hometown of Khulna next week. Anticipating the upcoming regional release, she remarked, “After the premiere, I plan to visit Khulna. The reception here has been fantastic, and I’m eagerly looking forward to its screening in my hometown.”

Expressing her heartfelt gratitude to the audience, Mondera emphasized, “The audience is the soul of any film. Words fall short to express my gratitude for the overwhelming love they have showered upon our film. I want to extend my sincerest thanks to them and show my utmost love. ‘Kajol Rekha’ continues to run for them, and those who missed it during Eid due to prior commitments are now catching up.”

She also expressed deep appreciation for director Gias Uddin Selim, acknowledging his role in selecting her for the anthological film. Mondera further elaborated, “In the film, I am paired opposite Shariful Razz. Regarding Raj, I want to clarify that we met as friends during the making of the film, and our relationship remains strictly platonic. Razz is simply a dear friend, and our bond will endure.”


Looking ahead, ‘Kajol Rekhaa’ is scheduled for release in Canada and America next month, with promotional activities already underway in New York. Reflecting on this expansion, Mondera remarked, “After receiving immense love and appreciation from our local audience, it’s truly exhilarating to witness ‘Kajol Rekha’ making its mark internationally. This is how the film will capture everyone’s hearts.”


Meanwhile, Mondera has wrapped up shooting and dubbing for the upcoming film ‘Neela Chakra’, where she shares the screen with Arifin Shuvoo. Expressing her hopes for its release, she added, “I am optimistic that ‘Neelchokro’ will hit the screens during the upcoming Eid-ul-Azha.”


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