Priyanka’s court battle ends finally


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Priyanka Chopra’s former secretary and manager Prakash Jaju, who had filed a lawsuit against his star-client in 2004 for breach of contract, has decided to call a truce.

The two had been fighting a long and hard court battle for 15 years now. In a surprise move they’ve both decided to step back and let bygones be bygones.

A source close to this unexpected development reveals, “Their bitterness and animosity have faded with time. Priyanka Chopra has moved on in life, far ahead of where Jaju had left off. The last thing she wants is an arduous court battle in India. She took the peace offering and both parties have called off their legal battle.”

While details of the out-of-court settlement are not known yet, one does remember how determined Prakash Jaju was to get justice for himself. In 2014, a film titled 67 Days was announced in which Jaju was all set to spill the beans regarding Priyanka’s personal life. One wonders what happened to that proposed film. Or how Jaju has been compensated for the days that he had to spend in jail for charges of alleged extortion and blackmail that PeeCee had made against him. As they say, all is well that ends well

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