Pori Moni adopts baby girl, shares heartfelt reflections on motherhood


Prominent actress Pori Moni recently announced that she has welcomed a new addition to her family – a baby girl who is just six days old. In a heartfelt article titled “I became a mother to a daughter” published in the leading Indian daily Anandabazar Online, Pori Moni expressed her joy and gratitude regarding the matter.

In her article, Pori revealed that she has adopted the baby girl and affectionately named her Safira Sultanah Priyam. She emphasized the profound impact of her daughter’s arrival, highlighting the joy and brightness she brings into their home and lives.

In conveying these emotions, Pori penned, “My daughter has graced our home. Safira Sultana Priyam, my daughter following a son! What elation! Her arrival has illuminated our world, casting a radiant glow alongside her brother.”



Continuing, Pori disclosed, “I have embraced her as my own. As I embraced her, it felt as though Allah had bestowed yet another blessing upon me. When the time came to adhere to societal norms I’ve never adhered strictly to any prescribed rules or plans in life. Instead, I’ve surrendered to the divine will. Just like an angel, she has nestled into my arms. In her absence, it feels as though she remains close, nestled against my chest. I refrain from sharing her photo for now. Please, let’s exercise patience! It’s only a matter of a few more days for a mother… Just a little longer.”

Pori’s written words vividly portray her role as a responsible mother. She expressed, “Since my son’s birth, I’ve shouldered the responsibilities of both parents within our home and beyond. Although it was difficult, and as I always had, I will take my own responsibility and of my children. Who says that a mother cannot take care of her children alone? I will manage it all alone.”

“However, I must now commit to even greater efforts to keep working, for both my son and daughter. She also shared her aspirations for the future, expressing her desire to continue working while balancing her roles as a mother. Pori Moni is currently involved in multiple projects, including the acclaimed web series “Rongila Kitab,” where she portrays a pivotal role alongside other talented actors.

“I must reclaim my former self. I aspire to work even harder so that my son and daughter may take pride in their mother,” she expressed in her article.

Looking ahead, she beautifully expressed her desire to navigate life alongside her work and two children. Her sentiments resonate deeply: “I follow only that dictates of my heart. I pay no heed to others’ opinions. Who decreed that a person cannot thrive without a father? Who proclaimed that one cannot be properly taken care of without both parents? These are societal constructs. I shall transcend them and lead a life dedicated to my work and my children. Now, as the night settles, and I gaze upon my son and daughter, one asleep and the other awake, it feels as though the expanse of Pori’s universe is expanding.”

The issue of adopting a daughter has been brought to light through Pori’s social media presence. However, she subtly hinted at it in a recent post on her Facebook page last Monday, May 6. Sharing a snapshot of newly purchased children’s clothing and shoe pairs, Pori captioned it with, “Alhamdulillah. Life, at times, unfolds as beautifully as a dream.”

Furthermore, Pori Moni’s journey into motherhood reflects her resilience, love, and commitment to her family and career.


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