‘Poran’ comes to the city of love, Paris



Raihan Rafi directorial “Poran” has continued on its trajectory of success since its release. After casting its magic in Australia, the film is now set for theatrical release in Paris, France starting tomorrow.

“Poran” will be screened in two theatres in Paris. The premiere show of the film will take place at the “Pathé La Villette” movie theatre, around 6:30 PM local time, tomorrow. Afterwards, the film will be screened at both the “Pathé La Villette” and “Villet Gaymo San Doni” movie theatres in Paris, from September 10-13.

The tickets for the shows will be available online.

Meanwhile, the film will also be released in the US and Canada according to its production company, Live Technologies.

Based on real-life events, “Poran” features Bidya Sinha Mim, Sariful Islam Razz, and Yash Rohan.

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