PM seeks vote for keeping up uplift, bringing back Tarique


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Prime Minister and Leader of the House Sheikh Hasina today sought vote for the Awami League in the next general elections to hold the trial for all kinds of injustice including execution of the August 21 grenade attack verdict side by side with maintaining the country’s development spree.

“I certainly believe that if Allah wishes and we’re reelected, we surely could bring back Tarique Rahman from abroad and give punishment to him …. for this, I seek vote and doa from the people,” she said.

The prime minister said this while replying to a supplementary raised by Awami League lawmaker Fazilatunnesa Bappy during her question-answer session in the House, reports BSS.

Sheikh Hasina said Tarique Rahman was sentenced to life imprisonment in the August 21 grenade attack. “We are holding talks with the British government for bringing back home,” she said.

She said the truth never be suppressed, it comes out on its own course. “The truth came out and the accused in the grenade attack were convicted,” she said.

The Leader of the House said as the accused were convicted, wherever they remain hide, they must get punishment.

Hinting at Tarique Rahman, the prime minister said killing and torturing the people are their habit. ” Ziaur Rahman was involved in the killing of Bangabandhu and there is no doubt that Tarique Zia and his mother were involved in the August 21 carnage,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina said the BNP-Jamaat nexus was in the state power when the grisly grenade attack was carried out in their patronage. “The attack was unleashed at such place where a peace rally against terrorism was underway,” she said.

The prime minister said the rulers were very much active at that time to erase the wounds of injustice. “No evidence was protected, moreover the BNP-Jamaat staged the Joj Mian drama to divert the incident to other direction,” she said.

Highlighting the dark chapter after the assassination of Bangabandhu, Sheikh Hasina said the killers of Bangabandhu were saved through promulgation of the infamous indemnity ordinance.

“Instead of trial Ziaur Rahman rewarded the killers by appointing them in Bangladesh missions abroad,” she said.

The Leader of the House said she and her sister were forced to lead a refugee life for six years as the military dictator barred them to come home.

Sheikh Hasina said returning home after six years, she visited entire country to enquire about the condition of the people as well reorganise her party.

She said her party assumed office after long 21 years and made massive socioeconomic development in the country. “As the people got the benefit of the uplift, the conspirators tried to undermine me politically and put blame and even kill,” she said.

The prime minister urged the people to give her party a scope to serve the country again by casting vote for boat. “I also wish that Allah give me a scope so that we could ensure peace and security of the people by rooting out terrorism, militancy, drugs and injustice,” she said.

Responding to another question about the influx of Rohingyas into Bangladesh, the Leader of the House said the government prepared identity cards for them when they started entering Bangladesh.

“We prepared ID card for everybody and the camps of the Rohingya people were protected … we stay alert so that they don’t get engage in any type of terrorist act after coming out of the camps,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina said the Police, BGB, RAB and Army are working there. “We didn’t receive any report of the terrorist act of the Rohingyas,” she said.

Talking about the repatriation of the forcibly displaced Rohingyas, the premier said Bangladesh held talks with Myanmar and signed a deal for their repatriation.

“As the international community is putting pressure on the Myanmar government, we hope that we’ll be able to send back the Rohingyas gradually,” she said.

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