PM joins world leaders for ‘last, best hope’ climate summit



Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Monday joined the world leaders in UK’s Glasgow for what is dubbed as “last, best hope” climate summit against the backdrop of growing worries about the fate of the planet earth.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the UN Secretary-General António Guterres have been greeting world leaders as they arrive in Glasgow as they met around 120 world leaders with fist bumps as the COP26 summit prepares to get into full swing.

Sheikh Hasina, who arrived in Glasgow on Sunday, attends the event as a key-stakeholder being the chair of 48-nation Climate Vulnerable Forum’s (CVF) with demands seeking richer nations’ recognition to climate vulnerable countries need.

Leaders of developed nations appeared to be under pressure to avoid climate catastrophe as the summit started in force, with Johnson hosting an opening ceremony which is followed by the afternoon session with world leaders’ statements on their own climate plans.

The Bangladesh premier asked the developed countries to submit quickly their long-awaited Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) plans to reduce carbon emissions while more than 120 leaders including US President Joe Biden are to speak over the course of the summit today and Tuesday.

Saima Wazed Hossain accompanies the Bangladesh premier as a thematic ambassador of CVF.

Analysts and international media outlets said leaders of the developed nations’ leaders would set the tone for two weeks of negotiations that can either end with a plan to rapidly decarbonizes the planet.

A CNN TV network analyst say the COP26 could also end with world leaders “watery statements” to delay what the science shows is needed, possibly pushing it off until it’s too late.

“Since the first World Climate Conference in 1979, there have been several international meetings to address global warming and despite numerous climate pledges, significant policy change has been rare while temperatures have continued to rise,” said another report carried by the network.

Climate leaders and experts are described the event as the world’s last best chance to address the climate crisis.

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